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Ashton & Kavidha


Kavidha approached us with a clear vision in mind. Due to the number of pax one venue can hold, they decided to splurge on wedding venues and had a two-day wedding event! As both venues looked totally opposite from one another, we came out with two different designs for A&K!

On the first day, we settled on an English garden theme and the second was a pond like set-up on the stage and have them surrounded by flowers!

Wendy Jason pre-24.JPG
photo_2021-01-29 10.09.30.jpeg
photo_2021-01-29 10.09.41.jpeg
photo_2021-01-29 10.09.47 (1).jpeg
photo_2021-01-29 10.09.28.jpeg
photo_2021-01-29 10.09.33.jpeg
photo_2021-01-29 10.09.52.jpeg
photo_2021-01-29 10.09.37.jpeg
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