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1011 Productions



Darya Sokolora Art



Darya Sokolova has practiced art for over 20 years, honing her skills in mediums ranging from watercolour and oil painting to fluid acrylics. Given Darya’s natural leaning towards the bohemian style, it is fitting that she has most recently focused her talents on the resurgent art of macramé. 


This ancient skill of knotting can be traced back to the 13th Century but particularly found favour in homes of Victorian era before once again rising to prominence amongst modern-day millennials. Darya’s passion for this craft lies not only in the simplicity of the practice, but also in the timeless styling of the finished articles, no matter the complexity of the design.


Bohemian styled backdrop, ideal for wedding altar. Constructed entirely from natural cotton, versatile in many settings, both indoor and outdoor. Further pieces available to complete your venue: table runner, chair hangings, others on request. 

IG : @darya_sokolova_art logo.png






Joi by Q Framing was started to bridge the gap between quality and affordability in the framing industry. Empowered by the convenience of e-commerce and our experience of over 20 years in the industry, we bring you a convenient, one-stop solution for your printing and framing needs.


We deliver premium elegant frames hand-assembled right here in our facility in Singapore. Our printing is also done in-house to ensure high levels of quality control. Each frame is made to order to minimise wastage and make sure every one of your frames is of the best quality.


Inspired by you, framed by us.



Misty Daydream



Say it in NEON



Heya! We are Tim and Karlotte. We Love NEON! Ever since we made a neon sign for our own wedding, we cannot get over how beautiful and fun NEON signs are! Therefore, we present to you SAY IT IN NEON to bring this brilliant magic to you to LIT up your wedding! 


We do NEON sign customization and rental. Our NEON signs are 100% customizable! Tell us your idea and we will design and create your dream NEON. NEON is so versatile. It can go loud; it can go quiet; it can go modern and go retro; go cute and go romantic. Get in contact today and we will help you speak the NEON language.  

For customisation time frame usually takes 3 - 4 weeks. Do contact us as for customisation and rental rates.


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The Balloon Studio



X O X O & Co. 


XOXO & Co. is essentially an event furniture rental store. Our unique and comprehensive portfolio of inventory is carefully curated to meet the growing need for niche and quality designed furniture in the service and event industries. Seasoned with a decade of experience, we have evolved and diversified our services to include creative design, styling and installations. We anticipate upcoming trends and continuously update our inventory with the latest products in the market.


At XOXO & Co., we’ve been committed to customer satisfaction since the we opened in 2011.  We’re a team of dedicated professionals with a genuine desire to ensure that your experience with us is easy, convenient, and satisfying. 


XOXO is currently Singapore's largest supplier of Tiffany and event chairs servicing most of the wedding and event planners, catering companies, private event venues and all the major hotels.


With an inventory of 10,000 over chairs and other furniture and props to choose from, we believe that we are able to meet the needs and support  events of any scale - small and large.


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