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For Moses & Dora


The couple, being busy bees, entrusted our team with the entirety of their wedding planning journey. From sourcing of 3 different locations, sourcing all of their vendors which includes a DJ, Disco Lights, Live Band, a Hummer, Pet-Sitters, to coordinating the actual day that comprised of all the Chinese traditions and transporting of guests from one location to the next. Apart from tending to the Bride's 5 meter long wedding gown train, we even needed to ensure that their Ring Bearer furry friend "marched" down the aisle properly!

Wendy Jason pre-24.JPG
moses and dora_-97.JPG
moses and dora_-88.JPG
moses and dora_-57.JPG
moses and dora_-12.JPG
moses and dora_-78.JPG
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moses and dora_-118.JPG
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