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I Do For You 


Picnics are slowly making a huge comeback and I Do For You is ready for this new venture.


While hosting a picnic might be all about the food, but spending quality time with our loved ones is what makes us want to have one.

So who can say no to having that aesthetic picnic of your dreams.

Tired of waiting in line for a table at a restaurant with no view? Try doing takeaways and have your favourite foods outside. Whether it is to get a breath of fresh air away from the hustle and bustle, to surprise your friend/partner/family member on a special occasion or wanting to just have the most relaxing and aesthetically pleasing picnic, contact us now to find out more!


Let's start planning your little getaway!


For Si Ying & Jun Jie


For Jovin & Kai Ling


For ChengHao & YanHui


Cozy Office Picnic


For Jake & Si Wei


For Rina & Siddique

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