I Do For You 


Picnics are slowly making a huge comeback and I Do For You is ready for this new venture!

When it comes to picnic, we dream big and think of the most elaborate picnic imaginable! While hosting a picnic might be all about the food, spending quality time with our loved ones is what makes us want to have one. So what greater way to have a picnic than it being beautified! 

Tired of waiting in line for a table at a restaurant with no view? Try doing takeaways and have your favorite foods outside right now!  Whether it is to get a breath of fresh air away from the hustle and bustle, to surprise your friend/partner/family member on a special occasion or wanting to just have the most relaxing and aesthetically pleasing picnic, contact us now to find out more!


 If you're more comfortable sitting at a table instead of on a picnic blanket, we just might have the solution for you too~ Let's stat planning your little getaway!


For ChengHao & YanHui


For Jake & Si Wei


For Jovin & Kai Ling


Cozy Office Picnic


For Rina & Siddique