I Do For You 


From the invitations, to the dress, the flowers, the ceremony, the venue, the cake, and the entertainment, you’re sure to be in for a fun & fantastic roller-coaster ride with the I Do For You's Wedding Planning Team!


I Do For You is a certified wedding planning company that is ready to help you to plan, manage your actual day coordination and/or simply be your venue stylist for your big day! 

Our goal is to prevent, protect and diffuse any obstacles and mishaps along the way to provide you with the smoothest ride through your wedding planning process to your special day!


As your wedding planner, we act as your very own PA to help you create a luxurious, sophisticated and/or intimate event with the WOW factor to amaze your guests with a day they’ll never forget.


It is our duty is to assist you every step of the way to bring your perfect vision of your perfect day to life.


For Rina & Siddique

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For Chris & Bernice

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For Jason & Wendy

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For Jeremy & Felyn


For Leon & Yi Hui

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For Ashton & Kavidha

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For Garion & Diana

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For Jason & Eileen


For Trev & Chariene


For Wei Cheng & Shermaine


For Ignatius & Joanne

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For Alan & Cindy


For Eric & Shantel