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Kamil & Gwen


This multi-racial couple held their wedding over a span of 3 days in 2 weeks, in 4 different locations. With each day comprising of a variety of activities and logistics, and over 50 vendors and point of contacts in total - the scale was absolutely insane but we can't be happier with the results and having been part of the journey!

Check out the 3 separate days of activities below.

DAY 1: United Nations

In Day 1, the couple mentioned that they would have friends and family from all over the world joining us for the day of celebration, where many of their guests were invited to perform their own traditional ceremony from their own culture to either Bind or Bless the couple. Hence, our team got in touch with over 10 of the couple's friends in order to help them source for logistics locally and prep for their segment as they flew to Singapore, while still maintaining everything as a surprise for the couple!

Day 1
Kamil Gwen 22 pre-41.jpg
Kamil Gwen 22 pre-32.jpg
Kamil Gwen 22 pre-4.jpg
Kamil Gwen 22 pre-39.jpg
Kamil Gwen 22 pre-16.jpg
Kamil Gwen 22 pre-30.jpg
Kamil Gwen 22 pre-5.jpg
Kamil Gwen 22 pre-3.jpg
Kamil Gwen 22 pre-26.jpg
Kamil Gwen 22 pre-34.jpg
Kamil Gwen 22 pre-37.jpg
Kamil Gwen 22 pre-1.jpg

DAY 2: Solemnisation, Ceremony & Silent Disco After Party

In Day 2, we started off the day at a bar for pre-wedding cocktails. As we go into the night, the couple will be officially tying the knot at a solemnisation and official dinner ceremony. Here, they had a never-ending list of activities and entertainment and speeches. Hence, our team had to assist with the logistics involved as well as the flow and liaison of all vendors involved. All the while, our 2nd team also stoodby at the 2nd location of the day to transport everything over from Day 1, to prep and manage everything for the After Party, which involved a Silent Disco and Food Truck!

Day 2
Kamil Gwen 23 pre-35.jpg
Kamil Gwen 23 pre-19.jpg
Kamil Gwen 23 pre-41.jpg
Kamil Gwen 23 pre-87.jpg
Kamil Gwen 23 pre-79.jpg
Kamil Gwen 23 pre-13.jpg
Kamil Gwen 23 pre-7.jpg
Kamil Gwen 23 pre-56.jpg
Kamil Gwen 23 pre-86.jpg
Kamil Gwen 23 pre-88.jpg

DAY 3: Family Celebrations & Halloween Silent Disco

In Day 3, we started off the afternoon portion with an intimate family celebration at the final location of the 3 days. Here, we had about 3 traditional ceremonies as well; Chinese Tea Ceremony, Thai Water Ceremony & Hawaiian Ring Exchange. Afterwards, we had to turnover the venue into a Disco-like space for once again, a Silent Disco but this time - Halloween Version! Hence, our team had to liaise with all vendors to perfectly match timings in order to flawlessly execute the turnover.

Day 3
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