How did "Bohemian styled" events become a trend?

Have you ever wanted an event so relaxing that takes you away from all the stress and simply lets you enjoy pure bliss? Or ever loved the beach so much but have so little ideas to create something?

This is where the "boho vibe" trend starts coming in. To understand better, let us take you on a little history lesson about this trend.

In recent years, the Bohemian / Gypsy style has broken out of its’ niche history and has become every individuals’ want. But believe it or not, this style contains a vast history starting from the 1960s to 1970s.

1. Fashion style in the 60s -70s.

Back in the old days, people wear layers of clothing on top of each other; from a bralette under a flowing shirt to wearing oversized flowing pieces. Unfortunately, as the fashion era evolves, the remaining Boho styled people are labeled negatively as hippies, druggies or even deemed as crazy.

2. Home Furniture

Thankfully, despite the name-calling, the Boho/Gypsy Fashion also started to evolve using its bad reputation and turning it into something positive. Not only did the style become “cool” for fashion, the genre expanded its’ style into decors further allowing an individual to portray their own characteristics through their surroundings and not just by what they wear, for example decorating a room with white walls with mandala cloths, macrames or even fairy lights for their home or even having a tepee tent at an event that they host.

3. Becomes Event Trend

Nonetheless, technology today has been a huge help to individuals. Taking Pinterest for example, there is a search engine bar on the page that once any keyword is typed in, the page will start to generate a thousand or more ideas related to what was typed in the bar almost instantly. However, this also come with its’ own pros and cons. The pros are obviously allowing the individual to figure out what they want and also better visualise how their event would look like. In contrast, an individual might misinterpret the space of the venue and the end result of the atmosphere would appear different from what was expected.

If you are concerned about this aspect, you might want to contact an event planner.

I Do For You is in this area of expertise, whereby they would utilise every space of your venue within your budget, with hopes to transport you to be completely immersed in the time and space of the event.

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