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For Derrick & Juliene


We were so psyched to be a part of this special journey for this amazing couple! Being in a long-distance relationship, and not having seen each other in 2 years due to COVID-19, we knew that we had to make this day extra special to the best of our abilities. With half of the guests flying in from the Philippines, we had to cater to traditions from both sides. It was truly an amazing day!

DY HL-103.jpg
DY HL-47.jpg
DY HL-87.jpg
DY HL-22.jpg
DY HL-94.jpg
DY HL-65.jpg
DY HL-80.jpg
DY HL-68.jpg
DY HL-95.jpg
DY HL-69.jpg
DY HL-113.jpg
DY HL-30.jpg
DY HL-106.jpg
DY HL-17.jpg
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