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For Autelier Loft


Together with our lovely partners,

VENUE: @autelier_loft
STYLIST: @idoforyousg
PHOTO: @bridelopeproductions

With the amount of love received for our autumn themed designs, we decided to do a variation of two different set ups that would spark inspiration to our clients and fellow wedding fanatics! This shoot was then featured on Singapore Brides.

Styled Shoot-11.jpg
Styled Shoot-62.jpg
Styled Shoot-37.jpg
Styled Shoot-64.jpg
Styled Shoot-106.jpg
Styled Shoot-29.jpg
Styled Shoot-52.jpg
Styled Shoot-128.jpg
Styled Shoot-70.jpg
Styled Shoot-112.jpg
Styled Shoot-25.jpg
Styled Shoot-14.jpg
Styled Shoot-87.jpg
Styled Shoot-35.jpg
Styled Shoot-120.jpg
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